Saturday, March 26, 2011

Argyle Invasion

When my roommate after college started planning her sister's bachelorette party, I eagerly awaited the theme. I have enjoyed many a St. Patrick's day with these sisters, and over the years we have been all decked out in various costumes (think ridiculous yet awesome) , so I could not wait to find out what was in store for us to honor the upcoming nuptials. The theme was announced as a bar crawl, in the spirit of 9 holes of golf, and we were assigned to wear as much argyle as possible. Instantly I thought of some fabric I had being admiring for awhile and I had idea. I would make matching clutches for everyone, and in argyle no less, for the perfect addition to everyones' outfits! So I set about making 14 clutches using Noodlehead's gathered clutch tutorial. I even scored a pink golf cart ribbon on-line and the design all started coming together.
The first gathered front panel sewn....

And then one panel became 14 panels...

The maid of honor suggested I add a wrist strap; so everyone has less chance to lose the clutch during a night of drinking.  
Sewing that many purses was great practice for straight seams and adding zippers to an item. A bad habit I have is that of procrastination, and I waited way too long to finish the project. This meant I had to skimp on the interior purse lining by sewing an unfinished seam. Not something too noticeable, and it allowed me to make it to the party on time (I finished sewing at 5pm the day of the event, just enough time to shower and arrive 15 min late to the party). Here are a couple of shots of the final product in action, during what was an extremely fun night!

ps- The magic of the Internet allowed me to find thigh-high argyle socks, helping secure my win of "best dressed" for the evening :)


  1. those are pretty awesome!! good work liz!

  2. wow, how cool! and 14?! now that's a lot of sewing. :) great job.